How Israelites Connected With Pakatan?

We have seen,heard and readof how anwar ibrahim,his pakatan and band of mercenaries have been running on financial assistance of the dreadful kind. But safe to say, in this world, this is no surprise. They run almost everything in the world: our banking system was based on theirs, insurance system, money-lending, mass-media, entertainment industry and many more. 

The jews have always felt that the world was theirs, and theirs alone, as they are "the chosen one." Those who join them might find heaven on earth temporarily, while those who oppose will face their non-stop on-slaught, directly or by their proxy. We have seen how anwar enjoys the perksof being their golden boy (golden calf?) with his US-styled million dollar luxury bus and jet plane. We have read about Bani Israel in the Holy Quran, we have read about 2 mysterious tribes who were locked away by a just king, only to come scattering down upon the world from high places. Do we know everything about them? Are they who they claim they are? Are they who they shallone day claim who they will be? Who are they preparing the world for?

In that case, allow me to start on The Israelites...no, I mean the biblical Israelites::

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