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  1. kerajaan tidak agresif mengekang fitnah yg dilakukan oleh pembangkang,tindakan begini luahan sebahagian rakyat secara spontan..walaupun tidak profesional saya amat menyokong tindakan sharifah..peace yo.

  2. Hidup Sharifah Zohra !!

  3. Steady Syarifah, you are not alone.Don't bother about what negatif responses you've received.Mereka adalah manusia yg tak tahu menilai erti sebuah penghidupan yg harmoni sebagai warganegara Malaysia.Kepada Bawani dan semua mahasiswa,anda jangan rasa anda orang pandai bila baru jadi mahasiswa.....dunia kamu adalah dibawah pengaruh pensyarah-pensyarah kamu,seperti murid sekolah juga, pembelajaran mereka dibawah pengaruh gurunya....kami pernah jadi mahasiswa pada tahun 1970an,sezaman dengan ANwar Ibrahim,pernah jadi alat kpd para senior dan pensyarah-pensyarah yg berhaluan kiri (kalau 1970an,PSM telah meresap d kalangan segelintir mereka ) berdemo, memaki polis FRU tanpa faham apa-apa isu sebenar,rasa seronok adalah jiwa remaja seperti kamu semua sekarang.Tapi bila kami graduated,faham situasi,baru kami sedar semua itu ada agenda tersembunyi pihak tertentu dlm kampus dan mahasiswalah alatnya....so, wahai anak2ku mahasiswa terutama anak melayu,berhati-hati,cuba cari ilmu dan berjaya dulu...jangan nak jadi pelindung kpd. .??..( ada orang dibelakang kamu)....jika kamu gagal
    dan terperangkap,orang dibelakang kamu cuci tangan,jawatan dan pendapatan tak tergugat,tapi yg gelap masa depan...adalah kamu mahasiswa...cth mudah,Adam Adli and the gengs..jadi musuh kerajaan,apa untungnya?? So, Listen,Listen,Listen, be proud to be Malaysian! TQ.

    warga emas
    x-ukm/um 1971-74

  4. Your decision to tell straight to the face is a good move. Don't wait until the cancer spread. We are always behind you.

  5. Orang seperti Bawani dapat tunjuk ajar oleh so-call NGO. They were trained how to speak,provoke and manipulate. Best of all they were paid by monthly allowance funds coming from abroad. The more famous and active they are the more allowances they receive. Surprise.

  6. 1) Panggil orang keluar negara adalah salah. Mengapa Sharifah tak keluar dari selangor kalau tak suka kerajaan selangor? rakyat yr pilih kerajaan!

    2) Mengapa cakap tentang haiwan?

    3) Mengapa asyik fitnah dan kritik ambiga/nurul izzah? bukan kah ini isu politik? Forum ini pun dah saat akhir tukar topik! Tak professional!

    4) Selangor water crisis? bawah lah CEO puncak niaga dan suruh dia jelaskan la.

  7. Kebodohan Syarifah memang melampau


  9. lol.. sharifah forgived bawani? or it should be the other way round? bodoh..

  10. *Snorts* all I manage to get from reading her statement is "ME, ME, ME, ME." What a narcissist. PHENOMENAL video that turned her into an overnight celeb? LOL! Half the time I don't know what she's trying to say. One moment she's lamenting about how miserable her life is being villified by Malaysians and getting threats, and another moment she sound SO damned proud that the phenomenal video made her an overnight celeb, and then the next is "Oh, WOE IS ME, WOE IS ME." And the way she went on about the merchandising of her Listen, listen, listen, she sounded like she's pissed coz she's not getting a cut of the profit from the sales of the merchandise. *roll eyes* nothing in her statement is worth the 3 pages it is printed on. She is a sorry excuse of a human being and a Malaysian. She sees nothing wrong with being condescending and talking down to other people. At least now, we know what she's really like in person. Nothing brings out a person's true character than when they are under pressure and under fire.

  11. Why delete the constructive comments and leave the barbaric ones?

    That student can be emotional and irrational, but people would expect that of a student. As a mature adult and leader of SW1M, you make yourself a public joke with your comments. You're now the biggest clown of all Sharifah! Sharifah, a word of advice - it's easier to say I'm sorry.

  12. You got to be kidding me. What kind of crap is this? Did she expect us to swallow it? And her supporters here...you are all idiots - in fact, idiot is too nice a word to use on you. Ask this Bibi to show ONE just one post where anyone had said anything about Islam. Liar, delusional, so up her own....

  13. I can't believe this is the quality of the president of SW1M, an EDUCATED person??!!What dignity and professionalism she was talking about? I don't see any of these traits in her hosting and handling of the forum. The reputation and credibility(if there was)of SW1M has been totally destroyed!!It's such a shame!!

  14. maen delete2 komen pulak admin..

  15. As a public figure myself i know how it feels to be completely overwhelmed by someone who is "less significant" but displaying such great authority and straight to the point remarks. I would have resorted to "Sharifah-nizing" because truth be told i dont have a comeback or rebuttle for the remark. I would be utterly ashamed if i did not have any other comments to put her down and make her feel minute. That being said I would never talk about "masalah haiwan". To make matters worst those mahasiswa clapping for her they should never been allowed into any tertiary educational institution. What a shame have befallen upon malaysia and its leaders. If you want to be an Islam yang sempurna, don't just say it out loud go make a difference. Tutup aurat dulu, cakap dengan sopan. Wassallam

  16. From what I can see, the comments here are short-minded and are made based on emotions. You can only see the true picture if you are in the forum. I don't see Bawani as being a hero but the rude one.

  17. Hahaha.......So innocent, well i don't know about others out there but for me you(Ms.Sharifah) are not teaching the poor girl anything accept stepping on her head only k.... b`coz i think to me some on calm down all i have to say is RELEX first i could not able to adopt your question so speak with gentle voice every one could hear you...But not say LISTEN,LISTEN,LISTEN,LISTEN and show my hand to her face..... Please K first we need to give respect to gain some too.... this answer you (the person that involved) may not accept what i really know that before right this.....

  18. The easiest way to get out of the mess that u have created urself its just to say "im sorry".. instead you are too interested in maintaining ur position as the president, hence u start creating sympathy, blame others and get more haters.. well done Ms Sharifah..well done..

  19. Clearly, watch closely the Q&A clip.
    1. was loud
    2. was rude
    3. should learn to ask in a brief succinct manner
    4. If she wants to show off "facts"...source? then it should be in a sit-down forum, not in a short Q&A slot. Thr it will be fair to all parites concerned to invite relevant experts to discuss the isuue in question. Just shooting off an issue and expects it to be answered in 1-2 minutes, is ridiculous, and she knows it.
    5. TYpical kaum dia...bila slot soal-jawab, nak tunjuk 'terror'. We all have seen that before.

    6. SYABAS to Zohra, for controlling the situation and making that "mahasiswa" not go off tangent. It is after all, a Q&A slot, not an EXPERT FORUM, for goodness sake.

    7. Notice the HUGE APPLAUSE and support for Zohra when Zohra has made a few remarks in response to Bawani.



    For as long as you are sincere and honest in your undertakings, to uphold the harmony and justice in this multi-racial society, ALLAH will help you.


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