Is Lim Guan Eng And DAP Just Power Crazy?

Lim Guan Eng has been extremely vocal in demanding for local government elections despite the Federal Court ruling that state government had no jurisdiction to hold such elections.

Why is Lim Guan Eng so adamant ? One could not help but think that Guan Eng and cohorts are just power crazy. After winning and taking over Penang, it would appear that their lust for power is growing by the day. 

They are moving at lightning speed to consolidate their position towards the envitable absolute power equation. Hence the demad for local government elections where the migrately Chinese forms the majority.

Every Malaysians know that chinese majority are in urban city especially in Penang. By holding local government election DAP would consolidate their power and politics even to the lowest ground level. Thus making it more easier for them to access their base and supporters.

However there is a lot of drawbacks if such elections are to be held. THe very first question to be answered would be who would foot the bill for holding local elections? Federal government would be footing the bill for local elections, therefore it is up to the state government. 

To cover the cost, state government would have to increase their revenue. The only way to get more money to hold local elections would be to raise local taxes and quit rent. So in the end the rakyat ends up paying higher quit rent and local government business taxes. 

It is sad that in Penang they have already raised the local government quit rent and business license recently and the rakyat would certainly not be happy if there is a further increase. So much for Pakatan Rakyat policy of understanding the rakyat plight. More hypocrissy and rhetoric than understanding.

If the local government elections are to be held, there would be an unfair racial representation. There are more chinese in these urban areas and therefore only one race is going represented while the other race would not. 

There would be unfair implementation of local government laws. Even without such elections, the current Penang government has not been fair. Chinese traders and businesses are reported to be given favourable advantage in local government licensing and most hawkers are given relaxed ruling while other races face stern action. 

One good example would be the Line Clear Nasi Kandar owner which were swiftly confiscated of their tables and wares. WHereas local chinese hawkers are given the leeway to free open their stall anywhere on the island even on congested streets and roads.

In conclusion, we could understand that Lim Guan Eng and DAP are just power hungry in their quest to hold local government elections. It is just to satisfy their unsatiable appetite for more power that they have right now. THe people should realize this and not to play in to their greed and reject their type of politics be it for local or national level. Fullstop.

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  1. DAP ada hamba bernama PKR dan PAS, mereka harap hamba mereka akan main peranan masing-masing supaya DAP boleh berkuasa seluruh Malaysia, masa BN berkuasa di P.Pinang nak komplen pun UMNO tak terima takut pasal hendak jaga hati orang Cina, tak boleh sentuh Cina sungguh berkuasa. MCA sendiri boleh bersuara pasal Islam dan Melayu, kesian Melayu......


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