Who Will Be Voted? #PRKKajang

So, we go back to full circle again. When Anwar was convicted earlier, Wan Azizah took his place in Permatang Pauh. When Anwar Ibrahim was released, Wan Azizah vacant her Permatang Pauh's seat for the love of her husband. It is more a less the same story this time around. Wan Azizah has been nominated to take over as a candidate for Kajang. The announcement was made yesterday by non other, the husband himself. They are making it a family affair. PKR is Anwar Ibrahim's personal party. The wife is President and his daughter is an MP of Lembah Pantai.

Wan Azizah said criticism against her replacing Anwar was not important as 'it is very important to uphold justice'. What justice does she want? Court of Appeal unanimously handed out its decision on Anwar and overturned the High Court's decision when it was found that the presiding judge erred. She is urging 'all Malaysians to continue this struggle for justice (through this by-election)'. Struggle for justice for her husband whom was convicted for sodomised?

Unlike Wan Azizah, BN candidate Chew Mei Chew has a proven track record. Born to poor hawker parents, the 50-year-old former two-term Petaling Jaya Utara MP has the passion and experience to serve the people, particularly the underpriviledged. She has been moving around with ease in the Kajang state constituency since Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced her candidacy for the March 23 by-election two weeks ago.

Buoyed by the encouraging response from the ground, Chew, also an MCA vice-president, said the people had started to realise the importance of having an elected representative who is accessible to them and able to help them. Chew’s already hectic routine is set to get on high gear after the Nomination Day tomorrow.

It is expected to be a straight fight between PKR Wan Azizah and BN Chew Mei Fun after Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and the singer Herman Tino, withdrew from the race. The voters of Kajang are wise enough not be influenced by most recent decision over Anwar Ibrahim's recklessness in behaviour and for calling a by-election that was purely to serve his own personal interest.

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