What Do The Voters In Kajang Want? #PRKKajang

First of all, the Kajang by-election was called upon by the resigning of the current ADUN of Kajang Lee Chin Cheh. The ADUN in what is known as the “kajang move” executed the orders of the “Gift of God” Anwar Ibrahim to make way for him to be the next Mentri Besar. A move Anwar says would prevent Selangor going the way just like Perak in 2009.

Confident of his move or perhaps with ulterior motives knowing his pending sodomy trial appeal decision, the by-election is just another one of Anwar’s politicking strategy.
Within the PKR and Pakatan, everything is not well. The move is seen to be kicking out Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim from his post of MB of Selangor. Even the PAS of Selangor were against the “Kajang Move” at first. Everything were all about one person, Anwar Ibrahim and his crazy obsession to be in power.

The plan hit a snag when Anwar was found guilty again by the appeals court on the sodomy charges. Anwar found himself disqualified and could not contest in Kajang. So steps in the ever loyal other half of Anwar, Mrs Anwar Ibrahim- Wan Azizah.

What people of Kajang should know about Wan Azizah? Just like the husband, Wan Azizah is a compulsive liar. Perhaps influenced by the way the husband always make promises to people, Wan Azizah also has no problem doing the same. From the practice of cronyism that Anwar often preaches that he hates, up to the time that Wan Azizah failed to produce the “Omega” watch of Anwar when asked to. It shows that Wan Azizah has no problem replicating the antics of her husband.

What could Kajang get out of this “kajang move”? Since 2008 that the Pakatan took over in governing the state, Kajang have constantly facing problems of traffic, clogged drains, uncollected rubbish and worst of all, bad road conditions. And for “kajang move” this time, the same manifesto is being recycled and shoved into the face of the kajang people again? It is not enough that Wan Azizah is the recycle candidate, the promises are recycled too!

Perhaps it is the right time for the people of Kajang to come back and give Chew Mei Fun a chance to serve them. Let the voice of integrity and crediblity shine through and Kajang would then be able to move forward and expand. It is the chance to make known that Kajang people deserves something better. Deserves people’s representative that would serve the people and not serve the political appetite of an individual. Vote for progress.

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