Ramai Yang Tanya Kenapa Zuraida Disekat Ke Sarawak? - Baca Ini!

Apa masalah sampai disekat?

Sebab Zuraidah Kamaruddin Ketua Sayap Wanita PKR sudah salah cakap dan main sembrono mengkritik tanpa memahami danmemikirkan implikasi kata-katanya. Apa yang dia buat sebenarnya mengguris hati orang Sarawak

Berikut press release dari Ketua Menteri Sarawak:



Reference is made to Zuraida Kamaruddin's statement as published in Sarawak's Sin Chew Jit Poh, pertaining to her ban from entering Sarawak last saturday.

We would like to categorically & specifically state as follows:-

We acknowledge without doubt that YB Zuraida Kamaruddin, the women chief of PKR is an important figure in PKR's policy making hierarchy. There is also no doubt that her non-admission into Sarawak is a great blow and disappointment to PKR's members in Sarawak. However, we believe it is in the best interest of the people of Sarawak that elements not condusive to Sarawak's social & political stability should not be let into the state freely.

Zuraida has been known for her outspokenness and Anwar-styled fire-brand rethorics but further, she has a tendency of making conjectures and false perceptions such as the baseless remarks and allegations pertaining to "rape cases" percieved to have happened among Penan women some years back. Her unfounded and unproven statements had raised a lot of anxiety and unhealthy speculations among the people in Sarawak. Not only that she had the tendency of stirring discomfort and fears among the community at large towards state authorities but her statements then could give Sarawak a bad name among tourists and world communities. We also believe that the state administration is apolitical and bona fide in making decisions to bar anyone not desired for the negativities that he/she/they could bring. Such were the case of certain personalities including non-politicians who had been stopped from entering the state e.g. Ridhuan Tee, Ibrahim Ali, Marina Chin & many more for similar reasons ,all in the best interest of Sarawak's social and the political stability and tranquility. Last saturday, Zuraida had been reported to have said very clearly quote:" once in power, PKR will amend Sarawak immigration ordinance as it is ridiculous to ban people from entering Sarawak." Unquote.

What Zuraida's said also actually means that once PKR is in power (with the help of its Pakatan Harapan partners), they will abolish the autonomous right of the state on immigration. The people of Sarawak now has a very clear proof of what is 'intrinsically hidden' in the hearts and minds of PKR and their Pakatan Harapan (PH) partners as a whole. It is clear that if they (PH) happened to form the state government after this coming state election, this presently entrenched autonomous rights on immigration of Sarawak would be abolished and Sarawak would be open to all and sundry including those who want to wreak havoc in Sarawak, more than we have ever seen or known before.

We are pretty sure that the Sarawak's branch of PKR and also Sarawak's DAP branch will try very hard to dissociate themselves from Zuraida's statement or deny harbouring such kind of agenda .Well,that is typical of the opposition. They will deny anything they had said or done before, which later on transformed into the very issues going against themselves, like this one in Zuraida's remarks. Zuraida's revelation of their intention to abolish Sarawak's immigration rights which are constitutionally guaranteed and entrenched, speaks volumes of PKR's/ Pakatan Harapan's interests on Sarawak. It strongly indicates to all of us,their ultimate agenda for Sarawak if they (PKR DAP & PAN) take over the helm of Sarawak and of Malaysia.That is their real aim... they will impose their national masters' policies on Sarawak which undoubtly will trample on some or all of the autonomos rights of the state.

But then again, some people will ask why then did MP Chong and DAP Sarawak often boasted" that they ( Mr Chong nd his Sarawak DAP branch members ) had been fighting for Sarawak's autonomy and even went further by joining S4S rallies? The answer is that these are mere rethorics ...they have to put some "acts" to garner support and fish for votes this coming election by "showing" that they are fighting for Sarawak. These "awkward" behaviour of the DAP is a joke. One would question how could a "non-autonomous creature" which is just a branch of national DAP, fight for the autonomous rights as well the independence of Sarawak via S4S, when they themselves are being controlled dictacted & tooled by the national DAP? But the majority of the rakyat know that they had to ride on the moods and emotions of some people using their knacks in politics of rethorics and perceptions for as long as they can get votes in the election.

It is commonplace that Sarawak DAP being merely a branch is subject to the constitution, rules and regulations and of the national DAP. We can safely conclude that DAP Sarawak Branch is not independent of the national DAP. We can even go further by saying that Sarawak DAP is being "colonised" , mind and soul , by the national DAP. Unlike PBB for example,DAP Sarawak cannot have an independent mind of its own, let alone talk about autonomy or independence, which agenda runs counter to their very existence under the national DAP.

This is also true in the case of PKR and PAN, they are all just units or branches of their respective national masters. So we have to keep in mind this : if Pakatan Harapan happened to form the Sarawak state government, they will definitely abolish Sarawak autonomous rights on immigrations which will then lead them to other layers affecting Sarawak autonomous rights on religion, land, forest, mining etc..

The people of Sarawak have been keeping close to their hearts Sarawak autonomous rights as sacred and sacrosanct.

Sarawak stands to gain even more as CM Adenan Satem has seen fighting relentlessly but diplomatically for more empowerment and decentralised powers from the federal government etc which will culminate in getting better financial consideration in term of development grants, budget grants and royalties for the state.

CM Adenan and the State Government have been seriuosly having a series of engagements with the Federal Government on the empowerment and intrinsic rights of Sarawak as stipulated in the Malaysian Constitution read with the Malaysia Agreement of 1963,the Inter Governmental Committee Report and also the Cobbold Commission Report.

As these involve complex and multitudinous consideration of details both the State and the Federal Government had agreed to work on them in three phases namely:

PHASE 1 : Provisions of Administrative Empowerment

PHASE 2 : Devolution of Power, Review of the Federal Constitution and all legislations that could have impinged on any of Sarawak's rights and powers as profounded and "guaranteed" under the Malaysia Agreement of 1963, the Inter-Governmental Committee Report and the Cobbold Commission Report.. and to reconcile them accordingly .

PHASE 3 : Financial consideration involving , inter alia, revision of rate of royalty from oil & gas, taxation etc

Just last week CM Adenan had announced that through meticulous efforts made, the State Government has achieved a tremendous success for Phase 1 of deal when PM Najib and the Federal Government had agreed to all the terms in the 13 point-agreement , granting enormous and vital administrative powers which the state really needs to bolster inter alia, the efficiency of its delivery system and enhancing good governance within all its outfits .

With regard to Phase 2 of the engagement, PM Najib had also reportedly agreed to the Federal Government seriously considering all legislations including the Federal Constitution to be reviewed with a view to reconcile all of them to be in line with the spitit of the Malaysia Agreement of 1963, the Inter-Governmental Committee Report and the Cobbold Commission Report. PM Najib had been quoted to have shown his readiness to see that any or all state rights that could have been infringed or taken away must be "given back to Sarawak". However both PM Najib and CM Adenan had stressed on the importance of honestly working together through a good state-federal relationship in order to be able to reach an amicable agreement

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